Design Studio

Do you specialize in one style?

Our team is well versed in many different styles reflecting our various collections. From classic to contemporary and of course, our everyday modern collection.

Is there a minimum purchase?

In short, yes. Please use the contact form above to start the conversation and we will provide some extra insight into minimum investments to utilize our design solutions.

What is the design fee?

The design fee is only $350 per room. Some conditions apply.

How long does a typical design take?

That can vary depending on how expansive your project is but we do have the resources for both long-term projects and ones needing a quick fix.


What is Martin Daniel Interiors’ international shipping service?

Martin Daniel Interiors offers a streamlined ordering service designed to simplify the process of furnishing homes abroad for jet-setters and property owners in various countries. Our international shipping service handles all logistics, allowing clients to focus solely on choosing their favorite designs, which will be delivered directly to their properties worldwide.

Can I use Martin Daniel Interiors’ service to furnish my vacation home outside Canada?

Yes, our international shipping service is ideal for furnishing vacation homes in the U.S., Europe, Asia, or tropical locations. We manage all aspects of transportation and delivery, ensuring your selected furnishings arrive safely and efficiently.

Is local delivery available within Canada?

Yes, Martin Daniel Interiors provides shipping services across Canada. Whether you are in Toronto, outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), or anywhere else in the country, we can coordinate delivery to make decorating your home simpler.

What is the White Glove delivery and installation service?

Our White Glove service is available within the GTA and includes delivery and installation of your items. The service is offered at a flat rate of $179.00 per trip, with Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) included, ensuring a hassle-free, high-quality setup in your home.

How can I get a quote for delivery services outside the GTA?

For deliveries outside the GTA, please contact Martin Daniel Interiors directly to receive a personalized quote. Our team will provide all the necessary details based on your specific location and requirements.

What should I expect after ordering furniture for international delivery?

After selecting and ordering your furnishings, you can expect them to be securely packed and shipped through our reliable international logistics network. You will be kept informed of the shipping progress, and all items will be delivered to your specified address abroad.