FRAME Made of wood combined with biodegradable raw wood particles and hardwood fibre panels.:

PADDING Seat cushions, armrests, lumbar support and reclining headrest backrests are made of polyurethane foam with diferent densities. All the parts listed above are covered with a self􏰀extinguishing Dacron thermal layer. Seat cushions: density 30 kg/mc. Thermo layer of 200 gr/m2. Backrests, headrests and lumbar supports: density 27 kg/mc. Thermo layer of 350 gr/m2. Armrests: Density 35 kg/mc. Thermo layer of 200 gr/m2. Completion padding: density 21 kg/mc.

COVERING Non-removable leather, fabric or microber. For the characteristics of the coating and maintenance, see the relative technical sheets.

FEET In painted metal, available in the colors indicated on the available palettes. H at the base of the sofa: cm 17

NOTE The backrests are equipped with headrests with a manual ratchet mechanism, which can be reclined according to the desired comfort. In the relax versions, with seats equipped exclusively with electric motors, the opening/closing movement of the seat is made possible by acting on the push-button panel located on the outer sides of the armrests. All the elements, both xed and with relaxation mechanism, are modular and can be assembled together by means of special bayonet hooks.