FRAME: Made of wood combined with biodegradable raw wood particles and hardwood fibre boards

PADDING: Seat cushions, armrests and backrests are made of diferentiated density polyurethane foam. The parts listed above are covered with a self􏰀extinguishing Dacron thermofoil. Seat cushions: density 30 kg/cu.m. Dacron layer 350 gr/sq.m. Armrests: density 40 kg/cu.m. with 35 kg/cu.m. lling. 200 g/m2 thermofoil. Backrests: density 27 kg/cu.m. 350 g/sq.m. thermofoil. Completion padding: density 21 kg/cu.m.

COVERING: Non-removable leather, fabric or microfibre. For upholstery and maintenance details see the relevant technical sheets.

FEET: Painted metal available in the metal palette colours. H at the base of the sofa: cm 14

NOTE: In the relax version the model is made with a combined mechanism with backrest and footrest movement, available only in the electric version with control positioned on the inside of the armrest. The central seats with electric relaxation mechanism are equipped with touch controls positioned on the side of the seat itself. The chaise longue can be equipped with three􏰀motor relaxation mechanisms that adjust the position of the headboard and modify the depth and height of the seat. In the xed versions the headboards are tted with non􏰀motorised, manually adjustable ratchets. The relaxation element is always detached from the xed version and is attached with a bayonet system.