FRAME Hardwood combined with plywood and particle board.

PADDING Seat cushion, armrests and backrests are made in polyurethane foam with varying density. All of the above parts are covered with a Dacron layer. Seat cushions: Polyurethane foam 35 kg/m3. Dacron layer 350 gr/m2. Armrests: Polyurethane foam 30 kg/m3. Dacron layer 350 gr/m2.
Backrests and Lumbar supports: 25 kg/m3. Dacron layer 350 gr/m2.
Frame padding: 21 kg/m3

COVERING Leather or microfibre. Not removable. Please check covering details for care instructions.
FEET In metal available either in titanium finish or brushed brass. H 13 cm.

NOTE The model is always equipped with variable height backrests up to a maximum of 17 cm, adjustable by electric motors located inside the sofa. The engines can be operated with simple and intuitive buttons located on the inner sides of the seats.
Relax versions have seats fitted with electric motors only, and its controls are placed next to the buttons that act on the backrests.

The seats movement is independent of that of the backrests. Motorized seats and backs, with their combined action can satisfy any need of comfort.
All the elements, both fixed and with relax mechanism, are modular and can be assembled by means of a bayonet fixing hook.